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Thank you for selecting Iconic Dental as your dentist in Walsenburg, CO. We happily accept referrals, new patients and walk-ins whenever scheduling permits. Dr. Shoff offers a wide range of preventative, cosmetic and restorative dental care services for patients of all ages. For your convenience, we accept accept most major forms of insurance and all major credits cards. To schedule your next appointment for the best dental care in Walsenburg, please contact us at (719) 695-1004. Se habla español!


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For your convenience, Iconic Dental offers multiple payment options designed to help meet your financial needs. Dr. Shoff and the rest of our team are committed to providing the highest quality dental care at the lowest cost possible. We determine our fees based on the time, quality of the materials used and the experience of our staff. We want to be your family and cosmetic dentist in Walsenburg so we keep our rates competitively low to better serve your oral health needs. We accept most major insurance plans, and our knowledgable front office staff will work diligently to help you obtain the maximum reimbursement of insurance benefits possible.
Patient Responsibilities
  • Insurance coverage is a contract between you and your provider. While our front office staff at Iconic Dental will make every effort to help you receive the maximum reimbursement possible for any services received, some types of treatments may not be covered under your policy. It's important that you fully understand what types of treatment your policy covers and the amount of reimbursement you can expect. If you need assistance understanding your insurance policy, please feel free to bring a copy of your policy with you to your initial appointment so that we can review and explain your coverage options.
  • Please bring all required documentation with you to your first appointment. The documentation we require may include: name of your employer, name of your insurance provider, policy and group number, phone number, current address, Social Security number and alternative employee number if provided.
  • On the scheduled day of your treatment, we please ask that you pay your entire deductible, plus the estimated remaining portion of the the total based on the percentage of coverage provided by your insurance policy.
  • Please respond quickly and accurately to any correspondence you receive from your insurance provider. To receive the highest amount of reimbursement possible, it's important that you honestly answer any questions your insurance provider may have about any treatments you've received.
  • After all insurance claims have been fully processed, we please ask that you pay the remainder of your account balance with Iconic Dental. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards.
  • Please inform us of any changes to your employer or insurance coverage prior to your next appointment. Failure to notify us of a change in insurance coverage could result in a higher than quoted balance for services received.
Our Responsibilities
  • We will quickly and accurately update our records of your insurance coverage based on the information provided by your insurance provider.
  • We will quickly and accurately file all insurance claims on your behalf.
  • We will provide you an accurate and up-to-date balance of your account once all insurance claims have been paid.
  • It can take between 30 to 45 days for an insurance claim to be fully processed for reimbursement.

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